With the government selling its Kool-Aid beneath the banner of progressivism, egalitarian truffles, and dreams of a Great Society, the hack is simply that one has to pay for the truffles and that no government has or is able to legislate a Great Society. Indeed, Progressivism is on the rise. Whether it is due to the upcoming election season or not, progressivism is becoming more deeply entrenched with every leftward swing of the political pendulum. Add to that the Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling on Obamacare, a growing dependency of Americans on government handouts and our crippling financial outlook, and one might begin to think we resemble Greece a bit more everyday.

  • The Progressive Change Institute released a poll of 1500 “likely” voters in 2016 to get their stance on a variety of issues.  The underlying theme of these issues is that they are tax-and-spend or regulatory in nature. The numbers were staggeringly frightening. Nearly 70% of respondents across the political spectrum were in favor. Important here is not necessarily the numbers, but the fact that voting in favor of tax-and-spend and regulatory legislature is a symptom of our ignorance of the government process. It demonstrates the widespread lack of basic understanding, or simply not caring, that government does not produce anything, but redistributes wealth in order to fund these programs. Such redistribution is theft. See the poll here.
  • Now that net neutrality is passed and implemented, Progressives Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want the FCC to investigate prices. I think we all saw this coming.
  • Michael Cannon’s piece at the Washington Examiner provides a picture of the Affordable Care Act’s transformation to Obamacare, the latter for which Congress never voted. What do we take away from this? Progressives will see to their agenda, if not in Congress, then in the courts.
  • A Very Depressing Look at America’s Growing Dependency Crisis is a piece by Daniel Mitchell from the Cato Institute that I highly recommend you take a look at.  The only point I will expound upon is that his data shows that America’s dependence on government handouts has literally outpaced population growth over the past forty years (see Table “Entitlement Dependence in America,” Rows 1 &2, Columns 3&4). Hard to believe!
  • Finally, an article over at The Blaze draws some eerie parallels between the state of Greece’s economic situation with America’s.  There are two big similarities worth noting. First, our nation’s unfunded liabilities leave around a $200 trillion whole over the next 75 years, with the actual debt now surpassing $18 trillion. Secondly, presidential candidates like Socialist Bernie Sanders and Democrat Hillary Clinton want to make this problem worse by campaigning on promises of making health care a human right and providing debt-free college.